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Workshop & Bodyshop


Beaulieu Garage has been serving motorists around the world for over 100 years, a tradition we are delighted to carry on to this day. Situated behind our classic showroom we have a fully equipped workshop, geared up to deal with all manor of classic vehicles. Our master mechanic James has many years experience in the restoration and servicing of a variety of different marques and models. From a simple service to a full blown restoration, James is happy to discuss your requirements both in person or over the phone.  

 Body and Paint


 The most recent addition to our facilities at Beaulieu Garage is a fully equipped body and paint shop. Our bodyshop manager Justin is a huge classic car enthusiast, having owned a number of British and American classics. He has been professionally painting cars for over 25 years and has had key involvement in numerous world class restorations and show vehicles. As with James above he is happy to discuss your paint requirements both on the phone or in person. 

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