1999 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder Replica - £84,995

Confession time- this may look like a 1964 Ferrari California 250 Spyder akin to the example shown in the film Ferris Buellers day off but looks can be deceiving. It is in fact an exceptionally well made replica, one of 38 made by Monegasque firm Ludis Cullus. Based on BMW Z3 running gear and chassis all fibreglass body panels are custom made and have achieved far better panel fit than most mass produced cars of the 60’s and 70’s. Powered by the donor Z3’s 2.8L straight 6 engine it offers reliability the original could not- with much better fuel economy to boot! Also carried over are the electric seats, windows and roof meaning modern convenience is not sacrificed as it almost always is for classic car ownership. Thanks to the Z3’s almost identical dimensions to the 60’s 250 it’s almost an exact replica proportion wise. Ordered by the first owner in Rosso red with Magnolia trim (Both genuine options for your 250 back in 60) the cost came in at a cool £125,000- just a touch less than the £10,000,000 price tag you’d have to spend to get your hands on an original.

Price: £84,995

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