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2005 Honda Civic Type R VTEC

Engine: 4 cylinder 1998cc   

Gearbox: Manual 6 Speed

Here at Beaulieu Garage we are very lucky to offer a Japanese performance car icon.

What really sets this car apart is the spectacular engine.  The EP3 was blessed with the magnificent K20 engine that could deliver blistering power as the car was pushed through 6,000rpm and on to a stonking 8,500rpm.

This car is a sleeper, it is hiding a secret.  Our Civic has an engine rebuild that bestows a car weighing just 1204kg with incredible performance.  In summary it has what's called a Frankenstein engine (see specification for full details).  The K20a2 head remains but it is now married to a K24 block (from a Honda Accord). Professionally built to include other subtle upgrades, the engine will deliver 276bhp and 206ft lb of torque.  All controlled by a new Kpro 100 ECU mapped to make the most of imperious i-VTEC unit, now bringing in the high performance cam much earlier in the rev range.  The result is an engine that has a desire for revs and a ferocity that will bring a smile to anyone lucky enough to drive this car.  The new stainless catback exhaust embellishes the experience too giving an addictive burble without being intrusive.

These Hondas, once a common sight on British roads are now few and far between. Good Type R’s are highly prized and cars as clean as this are very hard to find. This is a great chance to pick up a reliable daily hot hatch that will also be welcome at car shows.


Price: £7,995

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