1966 Triumph TR4A IRS

Gearbox: Manual 4 Speed O/D

I think it's fair to assume that way back on the 15th of November 1972 when Mr Spalding handed over £650 for a then 6 year old Triumph TR4A he wouldn't have expected to still be driving the same car half a century later. Well, as luck would have it that's exactly what happened .It's not like the car has spent any real time off the road either- the mammoth history file contains 40+ old MOT's (First 1972) along with 50 years’ worth of bills. A heritage certificate is also included confirming the cars manufacture on the 5 September 1966 (just over a month after the world cup final). The only time the car spent off the road was a 1976- 1981 restoration carried out by Mr Spalding himself then again from 2009- 2012 where the car was totally rebuilt from the ground up by specialists CTM Engineering LTD. Among a huge list of other parts the car was treated to a brand new Chassis and body tub from TRGB. The gearbox was rebuilt and clutch replaced. The cost of this restoration? A scarcely believable £47,055.29 was spent making the car as good as it could possibly be. The phrase no expensive spared is used far too much in my opinion but in this case I'd say it was totally apt. The result is a sorted car with a wonderfully and complete service file that's as comprehensive as I've ever seen. While the V5 shows 0 previous owners, (Their records begin around 1973) the present original green “buff” log book shows us the car passed hand 3 times before the current owners name appears. The original owner kept the car until 1969, the second owner till 1971 and the third sold the car to Mr Spalding on the 17th November 1972. All previous owners lived in or close to Bristol.

Cars like this do not show up often. If you've been looking for a Triumph TR4A then this one is the complete package from an investment point of view. One thing for sure, if you do like it act fast- I'm not expecting it to hang around.

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