1965 Morris Minor Traveler

Engine: 4 cylinder 1000cc   

Gearbox: Manual 4 Speed

Take a look back into any family’s car owning history and you’ll likely find a Morris Minor Traveller hiding somewhere. With over 200,000 made in the 23 year production run maybe that’s hardly surprising! High production numbers and simple rugged mechanicals mean you can still find the odd example doing daily duty today almost 50 years later. 
The example you see here is one of the 12,153 that left the factory in 1965. Painted in Almond green with light green interior it has been a regular on the club seen for many years and participated in a number of club rally’s (London the Brighton ect). The interior has been recently replaced with new seats and carpets. Brand new wider wheels have also been added (originals available if required). The indicator stalk, so often found covered in duct tape is also new. The exterior paint work looks fantastic and while there are a few imperfections presents very well. The engine bay is tidy (But not suspiciously so!). The wood looks recent with no soft spots or any areas of concern. The Moggy drives very well and will come with an MOT to confirm mechanical condition.

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