1958 MG A Roadster

Engine: 4 cylinder 1800cc   

Gearbox: Manual 4 Speed o/d

If one was asked to criticize the original mechanicals of an MG A it would probably boil down to 2 things. The cars lack of cruising speed (Anything over 45 can get uncomfortable) and the brakes from the factory feel inadequate even by 1950’s standards. Normally modifications on classics can be a risky affair but with the faults so easily remedied even the most stringent originalist will appreciate certain changes to factory spec.

The restored example we have here is a 1958 with a few later tweaks to make it more useable in modern day traffic and a nicer drive overall. A fully rebuilt 5 bearing 1.8L MGB engine was fitted along with a matching overdrive gearbox.  Electronic ignition and disc brakes have also been added therefore making this in my opinion one of the nicest and most responsive MGA’s I have ever personally driven. Both quicker to and happier at a 60MPH cruising speed, this is probably what the MGA should have been originally. Over£35,000 has been spent on the restoration. The seats and carpets have been replaced and the body has been resprayed to a very high standard. Panel fit is excellent and chrome is also very good. The history file contains all bills and invoices relating to the restoration and all MOT’s since, including a new one just awarded. The car has never been driven in the rain and the roof and side windows are in as new condition. If you want an MGA for touring then this surely must be the car for you. The previous owner drove it 30 miles to us and said he would happily drive it anywhere.

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