2003 Jaguar XKR 4L Coupe

Engine: 8 cylinder 4000cc  

35000 miles

The release of the XK8 in 1996 was big news for Jaguar enthusiasts- if you wanted a new 2 door Jaguar before now you would have to settle for the XJS, which while cutting edge when first released in 1975 had aged significantly by the mid 90’s. At first it was only available with a naturally aspirated 4L but in 1998, the XKR was released. This added a super charger and 70 extra horsepower to the already adequate 300 found in the XK8, bigger brakes and a different suspension set-up. Cosmetically, there is more than just a hint of E Type in the XKR- the wide mouth front grill and shapely bonnet complete with power bulge and louvres- many journalists said at the time it was the true successor to the E- Type.

Offered for sale we have another incredibly low mileage (Our lowest yet!) Jaguar XKR. This 2003 coupe has a warranted 35,000 miles on the clock with full stamped service history and every MOT certificate from new. The car has obviously been cherished during its life, the paint is near immaculate and interior looks barely sat in. The car has all the options including heated seats, reverse parking sensors and air con which blows ice cold. If you’re a collector looking for a nicely specc’d low mileage XKR with a great history this car is simply unbeatable.


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