1980 Honda CB250 Flat / Street Tracker

1980 Honda CB 250 RS

The vendor first acquired this motorcycle in September 2011 as a well looked after, unrestored classic road bike.

She was used for general runs out and as the bike is eligible to join the Vintage Motorcycle Club he did some enjoyable runs out with them.

In late 2014 he commissioned Triple H Bespoke Motorcycles Ltd to transform her. The brief was to create a flat/street tracker, that while unique would be of the quality that the finished product could pass for a motorcycle that Honda might have made themselves and indeed should look “factory” to the un-initiated.

Honda had spent a lot of time and money getting the steering geometry and braking spot on so that was left unaltered.

The main elements of the project were handled by companies that read like a who’s who of the custom/one off motorcycle world. Receipts are included for the work done by Triple H. The forks were refurbished by Philpots Ltd, the paint was by Image Design Custom Ltd, the rear shocks are Hagon and the seat was crafted by Saxon Seats Ltd.

In 2017 the engine was rebuilt by Bikes Restored.com . The bore was honed, new rings and a piston fitted. The sprocket oil seal, cam chain, balance chain, clutch (with heavy duty springs), engine bearing, kick start oil seal, and valve stem oil seals were all renewed. Finally the engine was stove enamelled in colours that are a nod to the Norton Commando.


In summary this machine is a well thought through and beautifully executed one off motorcycle that has had in the region of £8000 invested in it, plus the cost of the original bike. It rides faultlessly, is very economical, it’s the only one in the world, and it can be ridden on an A2 licence.

Price: £6,995