Beaulieu Garage Ltd

Beaulieu Garage Ltd

Beaulieu Garage based in Hampshire, UK has an ideal setting in the heart of the New Forest just a few metres from the National Motor Museum.

Proprietors Philip Scott and Rory Stokes are extremely knowledgeable and between them have over forty years experience dealing with a whole range of exotic classic cars.

Philip and Rory will be happy to show you their fabulous range of classic cars for sale and give you sound advice and information.

All of the classic cars for sale at Beaulieu Garage have been carefully vetted for condition and are selected with a bias towards post-war classic open sports cars. There are many interesting exceptions including a few pre-war cars and some current classic cars for sale.

Beaulieu Garage whilst being specialists in classic cars for sale also has a small collection of model aircraft and are stockists of storage products including Car-Dry Chambers and battery conditioners.

If you are looking for the best classic cars for sale please come and visit our showroom here at Beaulieu Garage in Hampshire,UK.